The process of measuring the thickness of a ring of a diesel engine using a caliper with a digital scale. In the background, manufacturing details in blur. Quality control

Our Commitment to Quality 

The AMIANTIT Quality Assurance procedure for the production of Tanks and Vessels are summarized below: 

  • – For every project, the Quality Assurance Manager reviews the specifications and outlines the applicable quality control standard per-project basis. Such standards may include PS-15, ASTM, ASME, RTP-1, and others as deem applicable.??
  • – The Quality Assurance Manager reviews construction drawings and recommends revisions where required.?
  • – The construction drawing and quality plan must be approved by the customer before manufacturing begins.?
  • – All materials purchased for every client’s project are documented and inspected?by the Supply Clerk?for conformity with the client’s project requirements.
  • – The Supply Clerk must call the attention of the QA/QC Manager to non-compliant materials.?
  • – All materials?received?must be delivered with relevant material certification where applicable?and stored according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.?
  • – Resin Gel tests must be carried out on all resin batches to verify quality and appropriate tagging.?
  • – Material traceability procedures shall be established for all ASME, ASTM, or RTP-1 stamped vessels shall??
  • – All work procedures must be inspected daily and finding recorded in the Daily Field Log.?
  • – The Fabrication procedure must be documented in the daily filed log and approved by the QA/QC Manager before the manufacturing begins.?
  • – Test equipment must be calibrated annually or whenever the test results are questionable.?
  • – We provide handling and installation instruction with the delivery of every product to clients to foster the safe transfer of ownership to the customer.??