GRP/ GRV Pipes and Fittings

FRP (GRP) pipes are waiting in the field for installation

GRP/GRV Pipes and Fittings

The AMIANTIT GRP and GRV pipes are designs to be durable and for seamless coupling using continuous filament winding technology. We use the best raw materials sourced from Europe, Asia, and Africa for our productions.

AMIANTIT pipes are available in diameters ranging from DN 80 up to DN 4000. The stiffness standard starts at 2500 N/m? and supports pressure levels up to 32 bar. Below are the various classes of pipes, coupling, and fittings from the AMIANTIT brand.

Pressure Pipes

AMIANTIT Pressure Pipe

The primary reinforcement of the Amiantit pipe is closer to the hoop. It is excellent for applications that lack pressure and thrust, such as water supply, pressure mains, cooling water, etc.

Diameter range (DN)300-4000 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 32 bar
Nominal lengths12, 6, 3 m
Stiffness (SN)5000/10000 N/m?

Diameter range (DN)80-4000 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 32 bar
Nominal lengths12, 6, 3 m
Stiffness (SN)5000/10000 N/m?

AMIANTIT Biaxial Pipe

AMIANTIT Biaxial pipe has dual reinforcement in the axial and hoop directions for extra resistance to pressure trust and bending loads. Some biaxial pipes applications include desalination, cooling water, and other above-ground applications.

Diameter range (DN)80-4000 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 20 bar
Nominal lengths12, 6, 3 m
Stiffness (SN)5000/10000 N/m?


The AMIANTIT sewer pipe with integrated filament winding has high levels of acid resistance. This product is often used for sewers and rainwater applications. Water jetting resistance aligns with the DIN 19523 standard.

Diameter range (DN)80-3000 mm
Pressure (PN)1 bar
Nominal lengths12, 6, 3 m
Stiffness (SN)10000 N/m?

Joints and Coupling

Pressure Coupling Applications

AMIANTIT Pressure Coupling

The pressure coupling presents a quick way to create a reliable and restrained connection faster than the welded connection and safer than the flanged connection.  It is used for irrigation, water supply, and pressure sewers.

Diameter range (DN)200-4000 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 32 bar
Angular deflection*up to 3?

AMIANTIT Pressure Coupling Angled

AMIANTIT pressure coupling angled is an ideal solution for coupling pipes to achieve angular deflections up to 3 degrees.

Diameter range (DN)600-2500 mm
Pressure (PN)up to 16 bar
Angular deflection*3?

Other Joints

Field joints for pressure & gravity applications

Available options for this product are uniaxial and biaxial designs. Simply follow the AMIANTIT instructions for creating butt-wrap joints in pressure and non-pressure applications.  This technology is faster and cost-efficient.

Special Joints

Connection of GRP pipes to other piping can be supplies by Amiantit Qatar, like GRP to HDPE, GRP to PVC, GRP to Concrete, GRP to VC Pipes, GRP to DI Pipes, and GRP to Steel piping.


Amiantit Qatar Pipe Company has created a standardized line of GRP fitting that are moulded or fabricated using the same material that are used to produce AQAP pipe. One of the benefit of Flowtite AQAP pipe is the ability to fabricate as wide assortment of fittings, standard as well as non standard. The following table shows the standard dimensions of standard fittings with different ends configuration.