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Standards developed by ASTM and AWWA are applied to a variety of glass fiber pipe applications including conveyance of sanitary sewage, water, and industrial chemicals A thread common to all of these standards is that they are all performance based documents. This means that the required performance and testing of the pipe is specified AWWA C950.




Currently, there are several ASTM Product Standards in use which apply to a variety of glass fiber pipe applications. All product standards apply to pipe with diameter ranges of 80mm to 4000 mm and require the flexible joints in this diameter range to withstand hydrostatic testing in configurations (per ASTM D4161 1 that simulate exaggerated in use conditions Flowtite pipe is designed to meet all of these ASTM standards.



ASTM Product Standards For Fiberglas Pipe
Pipe/Application Gravity Sewer Pressure Pipe Pressure Sewer
Glasbs Fier D3262 D3517 D3754

Flowtite pipe is a glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe commonly abbreviated to GRP, GRP or fiberglass pipe. Within this product group falls RTR pipe reinforced thermosetting resin pipe and RPM pipe reinforced plastic mortar pipe. They are all glass fiber pipe.

AWWA C950:

AWWA C950 is the most comprehensive of all the product standards in existence for glass fiber pipe This standard for pressure water applications has extensive requirements for pipe and joints, concentrating on quality control and prototype qualification testing Also included are design procedures for buried installations Like ASTM standards this is a product performance standard For a summary of the elements. Flowtite pipe is designed to meet the performance requirements of this standard.

ASTM and AWWA Product Standards Summary
  D3262 D3517 D3754 C950



Diameter 200mm 4000mm 200mm 4000mm 200mm 4000mm 25mm 4000mm
Pressure Gravity Up to 3.103 MPa Up to 3.103 MPa Up to 3.103 MPa
Resin Polyester/Epoxy Polyester/Epoxy Polyester/Epoxy Polyester/ Epoxy

QC Tests


Visual Inspection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dimensions Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stiffness Yes Yes Yes Yes
Deflection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Axial Strength Yes Yes Yes Yes
Hoop Strength   Yes Yes Yes

Prototype Tests


Elastomeric Gasket Joints Yes Yes Yes  Yes
Strain Corrosion Yes   Yes Yes
HDB ASTM D2992   Yes Yes Yes
ASTM C581 Corrosion     Yes  
Properties Yes Yes Yes Yes
Design Methods  
Buried Pipe       Yes

Other Requirements


Materials Definition Yes Yes Yes Yes
Product Classification Yes Yes Yes Yes
Test Sampling Yes Yes Yes Yes
Pipe Markings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Test Method Desc., Ref Yes Yes Yes Yes
Soundness   Yes Yes Yes

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