Amiantit Qatar Pipes Co.(AQAP) was commissioned in April 2008, it is a Flowtite® GRP pipes systems and fittings manufacturer at the New Industrial Area-Doha-Qatar. "AQAP" is part of the AMIANTIT Group, which is the leading manufacturer of Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP/GRP) Pipes & Fittings for projects in petrochemical, power & desalination, industrial & municipal sectors.

AQAP manufactures Pipes & fittings, commonly known as GRP, in sizes up to 4000 mm in diameter with a Stiffness Class (STIS) up to 10,000 N/m2 and a Pressure Class (PC) up to 32 bar.

Since commissioning, AQAP has currently produced more than 20,000Km of “GRP/FRP” pipes on the Flowtite®’s continuous advancing mandrel, which represents the state of the art GRP pipe production technology. This process allows the use of continuous glass fiber reinforcements in the circumferential direction.

Our mission: is to be the leading manufacturer of (FRP/GRP) pipes in Qatar by focusing on customers need and satisfaction, producing the highest quality pipes and committing to its customers, employees and the community.

Our vision to be the Qatari leader in delivering the highest standards of GRP pipes and its technology solutions.

Amiantit Pipe Systems
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