Manufacturing Method



AQAP Pipe Production

AQAP’s Flowtite filament winding machine represents the most advanced state of the art technology in use, and is the foremost method of manufacturing glass fiber pipe. Simply, this manufacturing machine consists of a continuous steelband mandrel supported in a cylindrical shape by beams.


As the beams turn, friction pulls the steel band around and roller bearings allow the band to move longitudinally so that the entire mandrel moves continuously in a spiral path towards the exit assembly. As tf a mandrel rotates, all composite materials are metered onto it in precise amounts First, mould release film, followed by various forms and patterns of glass fibers, embedded in a polyester resin matrix.


Inert filler can be interspersed within the structural laminate for some products. It is the continuous application of these materials onto the mandrel which forms the pipe.


After the pipe has been formed on the mandrel it is cured and later cut to required length.

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