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Features Benefits
  • Manufactured of corrosion resistant, non-metallic materials.


  • Long, effective service life.
  •  No need for expensive cathodic protection.


  • No need for costly pipe coating, wrapping lining, painting, or use of polyethylene bags.
  • Low maintenance costs.


  • Hydraulic characteristics essentially remain unchanged over time.


  • Double bell coupling joints manufactured of corrosion resistant glass fiber, and sealed with elastomeric gaskets.
  • Ease of joining helps reduce installation time.
  • Tight, efficient joints designed to eliminate infiltration and exfiltration.


  • Costly joint diapers are not required.
  • Allows for flexible alignment, accommodating changes in line direction with fewer fittings.

  • Light weight. 1/4 the weight of ductile iron and 1/10th of concrete pipe.
  • Easy to install. No need for expensive handling equipment
  • Low delivery costs

  • Manufactured in long sections.


  • Fewer joints reduce installation time


  • Extremely smooth bore.
  • Low friction loss means less pumping energy needed.

  • Minimum slime build up can help lower cleaning costs.


  • Pipe specifications meet or exceed worldwide standards.


  • Assures high quality product specification

  • Easy for engineers to specify AQAP pipe with confidence.


  • • High technology pipe manufacturing system.


  • Helps ensure consistent product quality worldwide.


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